Orpheum Looks at More Affordable Shows

Orpheum TheatreThe head of Galesburg’s Orpheum Theatre is trying to cut back on expenses, while still providing good shows to the area.

Executive Director Kevin Maynard told the Knox County Civic Center Authority board yesterday he’s anticipating expenses for artists’ fees and catering related to shows decreasing, despite the fact that artists fees for shows have been going up in recent years.

Maynard says that may result in less theatre-hosted shows as part of the “Red Carpet Series” versus those put on by tenants, but it will likely still mean good shows.

“We’re looking at shows…a town of this size doesn’t typically have a venue that holds 950; they have a venue that holds between 350 and 400,” Maynard said.  “Trying to book very large shows and sell out 950 seats at a time, it’s not going to happen.”

Maynard says he also doesn’t want to host shows back to back with paying tenants, because it’s also hard on the Orpheum’s bottom line.

Maynard calls the result a “well-rounded” season of Red Carpet Series shows.

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