Software Change Requires New System for Knox County

Knox County SealKnox County may be unable to back-up some of its data by summer due to a change in software.

The current back-up software will be discontinued in August of this year and will be replaced by something the County will have problems using to their benefit.

An agreement with “Symantec Backup Exec” allows Knox County to upgrade to the new software automatically, but was described by the County’s IT Coordinator as not particularly useful.

Searching for a more appropriate piece of software will need to be conducted to ensure the County can account for all of its important information.

IT Coordinator Andy Rowe says the software change makes the current “borderline worthless” to the County.

“They upended the application where it’s basically not a good fit for our environment any more,” Rowe said.  “So, I’ve been looking elsewhere, and budgeted some money for this budget year, because I was anticipating having to do that.”

Members of the Knox County Finance Committee recommended comparing services with other institutions around the area before contacting local firms for their recommendation. The measure to begin soliciting bids was approved unanimously.


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