What’s In A Name For Former Logistics Park

What was once known as Logistics Park Galesburg will continue to be known now, by its temporary name.

The Galesburg Business District Development and Redevelopment Commission today voted to recommend keeping the name as “Galesburg Business Park” — despite city Economic

Development Director Cesar Suarez and staff coming up with and ranking other possible different names for the park.

Suarez had some reasons for putting a different name on the business park — other than trying to move away from the word “Logistics.”

“We checked out what area business park names were and you can see there’s a list of about 14 business parks from the region that we identified from Aledo all the way to Wiseman Ridge Business Park and so one of the thoughts is ‘well we don’t necessarily, not that it’s a bad thing, but we don’t want to name it after something that already exists,” says Suarez.

Suarez says that led his office to come up with names based on either various Galesburg icons or subdivisions, but Mayor John Pritchard told the commission since it’s what the land in between Galesburg and Knoxville has been referred to in the recent past, it probably should stay that way.

The Commission also okayed going forward with plans to seek bids from commercial and local real estate firms to market the park. A final decision should be made by the City Council in May.

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