Weather for All Seasons Thursday in Area

This certainly has been a winter for unusual weather, and the last couple of days have likely been the tip of the iceberg — or, in Galesburg’s case, snow pile.

Rain, wind, thunderstorms, snow, cold, and mild weather all have been experienced in the area this week alone.

Yesterday, the National Weather Service says around two and a half inches of rain fell across most reporting stations in the area just by mid-day.

Knoxville reported out of their two-and-a-third inches of rain and about half of that was in about five hours time.

Flooding caused roads to be impassible for a time between Altona, Oneida, and Wataga among others in that part of Knox County.

In Galesburg, the most obvious flooding came over parts of Carl Sandburg Drive, which looked like an oversized swimming pool in the area of Lowe’s and other businesses.  Other minor flooding was reported across the area.

Then, the wind. Many areas reported wind gusts yesterday evening close to 40 miles per hour, with forecasters saying a 52-mile-per-hour gust was clocked near Monmouth.

More gusty winds are expected today, but outside of a Flood Warning for the Spoon River at London Mills, no other weather watches or warnings are in effect.

This morning, snow melt resulted in some slick early morning driving conditions.

Below-freezing temperatures will once again be the rule during the days starting this coming Sunday according to the weather service.

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