Congresswoman Praises Location Of Digital Hub In Illinois

20140224_131510Congresswoman Cheri Bustos says she’s pleased something she claims she personally asked President Obama for when he spoke at Knox College last summer, will be located in Illinois.

Bustos was in Galesburg this afternoon job-shadowing a local postal worker, but said a Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute Illinois won a $70-million grant for, and will be located in Chicago, will still be a big deal for the 17th District.

Bustos tells WGIL a number of entities in her district are partners in this University of Illinois-led initiative, meaning the district will benefit.

“Western Illinois University is a partner, Blackhawk College is a partner, John Deere is a partner, Caterpillar is a partner, so we had a direct relationship with some of those asks in the partnership,” says Bustos.

The East Moline Democrat says the entire region will feel the economic impact from the institute, and that the whole state has a strong manufacturing base.

She says it will help Illinois and the 17th compete on a world basis.

Another $250-million for what’s being called “U-I Labs” is coming from other public and private donations.

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