Local Lawmaker Urges Colleagues to Get Fit

Don MoffittState Representative Don Moffitt wants something you likely do, even if you and him aren’t necessarily talking about the same thing.

The Gilson Republican, who’s lost over 100 pounds as a result of being told to lose 10 or start taking diabetes medication, says he’s formed a Fitness Caucus in the Illinois General Assembly. There will be four caucus chairs, both Democrats and Republicans, and Moffitt’s one of them.

Moffitt says it’s not necessarily a legislative caucus, but something that will still do a lot of good.

“We’re going to have a weight loss contest,” Moffitt said recently.  “Everybody wants to see smaller government, so be prepared, we hope, for a weigh-in.  Be ready, and we’ll see who can walk the walk and get smaller government.”

Moffitt says he hopes the initiative will lead to broader health initiatives, even in Springfield, where the food of choice is, as many know, the “Horseshoe..”

Springfield restaurants are reportedly working to better identify healthy alternatives on their menus.

(Contributing:  Associated Press, Illinois Radio Network)

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