Area Tea Party Favors Constitutional Convention

Vickie Deppe, standing, speaks Monday night.  (Tyler Maffitt Photo)
Vickie Deppe, standing, speaks Monday night. (Tyler Maffitt Photo)

If you could change one thing about Washington D.C., what would it be?  That’s exactly what members of the Galesburg Area Tea Party are considering after a presentation last night on a proposed Constitutional Convention of States.

The idea is being pushed by the group Citizens for Self-Governance to fix what the group says is a broken Congress. Citing Article Five of the U.S. Constitution, the organization hopes to have at least two-thirds of the state legislatures pass a bill to host a convention for the purpose of limiting the scope of the federal government.  The group’s Illinois Legislative Liaison Vickie Deppe  says most people in America are not pleased with their elected representatives in Congress.

“Their approval rating has been as low as six percent in recent months,” Deppe said.  “Everybody is ticked off at them.  We’re very definitely interested in linking elbows with all kinds of people to solve the problems that are facing our nation.”

The Galesburg Area Tea Party had the chance to make their own proposals last night, including tax reform and term limits, among other things.

Some of those in attendance were worried about the possibility of unfavorable changes to the Constitution.

Deppe says protections are offered by the language outlined in the purpose for the convention.

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