Knox County Housing Authority Adopts Firearm Policy

The Knox County Housing Authority Board has given their okay to a new firearm policy.

Residents with a valid Firearms Owners Identification card and a concealed carry permit will be able to keep firearms in their homes, and on the Housing Authority property.

However, Housing Authority Executive Director Derek Antoine tells WGIL the new policy does put some restrictions on where people can carry firearms.

It’s primarily going to boil down to offices and common areas and common spaces, playgrounds, things like that,” Antoine said.

Antoine says as long as residents follow the law there shouldn’t be any issues.

He says the new policy was not designed to be more restrictive than the actual law.

“There’s nothing we’re imposing that’s any stricter than what the law would require,” Antoine said.

Antoine says the new law has given administration a chance to familiarize themselves with which permits they should check.

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