Nielson Students Raise Funds For Clean Water

Fourth graders at Nielson Elementary School in Galesburg are hoping to provide clean drinking water to the less fortunate.

What started out as a lesson on generosity quickly turned into a project, run through the group “Water is Life” that may affect the citizens Ghana, Kenya, and Haiti.

According to UNICEF, 768-million people around the globe do not have access to clean drinking water.

The students have taken their project to the local Parent-Teacher-Organization, students, and area non-profits to help them raise money.

Nielson Fourth Grade Teacher Jack Dippold tells the WGIL Evening News that it’s a great chance to give.

“Here’s this great opportunity for us to help people that don’t even have as much as we have,” says Dippold. “I suggested to the kids originally, I said ‘why don’t we bring in a dollar a piece, and I’ll match that with 25 [dollars] and we’ll buy five straws at 10-dollars a piece to help these people.”

A goal of $6,500 has been set, but students at Nielson have already raised more than $7-thousand.

Dippold says he wanted to teach students about the things they take for granted such as access to clean drinking water.

Students in the class say they have not spent a large amount of time studying the regions most affected by their project.

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