Search Efforts Stalled Until Flood Waters Recede

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Department decided to suspend the search for a Bernadotte man thought to be lost in the Spoon River.

Deputies responded to the call at about 7:20 Monday evening where a search was conducted with the help of several departments for a couple of hours.

Due to the harsh weather conditions, no divers entered the water to search for the victim, identified as 66-year old Floyd Belless.

The search picked back up yesterday morning, but search crews were again unsuccessful, leading the Sheriff’s Department to call off the search.

Fulton County Sheriffs Department Sergeant Barry Blackwell tells WGIL that Belless’ boat capsized in the water.

“Our understanding was that he was just trying to access his flooded residence to obtain some items at the residence,” Blackwell said. “That’s all we know at this point.”

Additional searches are likely to be conducted when flood waters recede, but authorities have spoken to the victim’s family.

Neither Belles nor his boat have been found in the search and rescue efforts.

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