Monmouth Wine Shop Expands

Market Alley Wines LogoA Monmouth business that has grown by leaps and bounds is growing again — so, in the owner’s words, pardon the dust for the next month or so.

Market Alley Wines owner Susan Kaufman-Schuytema says an apartment next to her store is essentially being demolished so that she can expand the store by four-hundred additional square feet.

Schuytema tells WGIL she’ll be able to host more things like entertainment, wedding showers, and special events at her store on the city’s public square — an experience sometimes akin to being inside a can of sardines before.

“I heard from several people that would come on a Friday and ‘oh we came, but we couldn’t get in,” says Schuytema. “Not because we’re blocking the door, and for some people that’s a lot of fun, but for a lot of us, we like to be able to sit down and talk with our friends, enjoy the atmosphere, and enjoy the music.”

Schyutema says that will allow some more tables and readjustment of the bar area, and the seating in the facility will nearly double.

She hopes the remodeling work will be done by the end of March. Market Alley Wines is remaining open during the construction.

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