Spoon River College Students to See Increase in Tuition

On Wednesday, the Spoon River College Board of Trustees voted on, and approved a raise in tuition.

Increases are not over the top with students now paying between a $15 and $20 more per credit hour.

Spoon River College Public Information Coordinator Sally Shields tells WGIL the College, like many others, are taking the necessary steps in the absence of state funding.

“It’s what we had to do,” says Shields. “There was a lot of discussion before they did do it and they looked at a lot of different options before they chose the ones that they did choose.”

Shields says that normally Community Colleges are funded by taxes, the state, and tuition, but when you can’t depend on the state and taxes are capped, the only thing you can control is raising tuition.

The increase according to Shields will kick in this fall and any student registering for classes will see the increase.

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