Ribbon Cut for Railway Pictures Studios Open House

Railway Pictures StudiosThe ribbon has been cut on a business opening on the corner of East Simmons and Cherry Streets in Galesburg.

Railway Pictures Studios held an open house Friday afternoon that offered tours of the recently updated facility.

The building has previously hosted KCAP and, even further back, has played host to a bank. The company specializes in audio and video production.

The location was chosen for Railway Pictures Studios for its foot traffic; that was after viewing four other potential locations – some of which were on Main Street.

Owner Doug Alderman tells WGIL there are plans for expansion, but revenue needs to be generated first.

“I want to see us become a motion picture hot spot, a place where production companies will come to and see us as a viable place to actually launch their production from or hire us to do their productions,” says Alderman. “Right now, it’s getting the word out, doing the things we need to do to make the business grow.”

That includes transfers to CDs, DVDs, or other digital storage devices from video cassette tapes or other outdated platforms.

Railway Pictures studios received economic development dollars from the City of Galesburg. Alderman says those funds helped him purchase equipment for his studios.

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