Sandburg Joins Art and Welding With Friendly Competition

WeldingStudents and other participants at Carl Sandburg College were cutting, bending, shaping, and ultimately sculpting during a competition yesterday at the school.

Four teams consisting of both an artist and a welder spent several hours completing a unique sculpture to be judged at the end of the day.

The materials were unable to be chosen ahead of time, but the teams each started with an idea that was created just before the competition started.

Certain size requirements were in place to prevent the pieces from exceeding a reasonable size.

Assistant Professor of Art Lisa Walker tells WGIL that students are most concerned with making their projects work.

“If something is deemed unfeasible by the welder, or if there’s just not the material you thought you were going to be able to get for that, to be able to dropkick and do something else without having to go back to the drawing board,” says Walker.

An artist with several years of metal sculpting experience was brought in to judge the competition. Combining the quality of the welding, use of negative space, and design were part of the judging requirements.

Several of the pieces will be featured in an upcoming art show.

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