Galesburg City Council Tables Building Demolition Action

Glass BuildingAn additional two weeks will be granted to a local development company to allow room for negotiations.

The Galesburg City Council agreed to table a motion to allow the City to begin the demolition process that would affect the old Galesburg Glass building.

The structure was heavily damaged during storms in September of last year leaving large holes in the roof.

According to City documents, a brace was placed to ensure safety for up to one year. The City of Galesburg is still requesting the loose brick, windows, and the roof be repaired among other things.

Martin Brothers Developers owns the building, but the company’s attorney Jim Blake says the endgame involves coming to an agreeable resolution with the City.

“Whether that be Mr. Martin contribute towards the demolition or ultimately, if there can be any repairs to the property, but more than likely, we’re looking at coming up with an agreeable solution to both parties to do the demolition,” says Blake.

At least one alderman expressed interest in allowing an additional two weeks to potentially save the City money in litigation costs. A neighboring building occupants, however, was a little less willing to encourage additional time. Leonard Lansing says that something needs to happen with the property.

“I think it’s been long enough that we’ve had holes in that roof, we’ve had problems with Mr. Martin for years,” says Lansing.

An estimate would put the costs of the demolition at $100-thousand for the City of Galesburg.

Aldermen tabled the matter 5-1 until their next meeting.

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