Galesburg’s “Big Read” is Underway

The annual initiative to get Galesburg residents to pick up a book and start to read is officially underway.

The Galesburg Public Library formally kicked off “The Big Read” last night with a performance celebrating Native American culture and a creature you can see a lot of in the region this time of year — the bald eagle.

But the “Big Read” needs a book, and library “Big Read” coordinator Lauren Pierce tells the WGIL Evening News the book also deals with Native American culture — “Love Medicine” by Louise Erdrich.

“It’s about a Native American family, and the story takes part in chapters,” Pierce said.  “Each chapter is kind of its own self-contained story.  But, they’re all inter-connected, and all the same characters.  So, each chapter is from a different character’s point of view.  It’s basically a celebration of family, of love, of hopes and fears, and how all that comes together.”

Pierce says there’s something in the book that everyone can relate to.

“The Big Read” is funded through a federal National Endowment for the Arts grant. Pierce says there will be other special events throughout the “Big Read” which concludes on April 26th.  CLICK HERE for more details on “The Big Read.”

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