Peacekeepers Request City Priorities

galesburgA group which has been meeting on a monthly basis to raise awareness about crime made a few requests at Monday night’s Galesburg City Council meeting.

In February, the Peacekeepers met with area youth to develop opinions for why they feel some youth turn to crime or violence in the community.

A few Galesburg Aldermen have attended the event hoping to better understand what the group is hoping to accomplish.

Those same youth which appeared during February’s Peacekeepers meeting came to the City Council hoping to change opinions about youth activities this summer.

John Hunigan is part of the Peacekeepers and says the community is getting engaged.

“We’ve got kids here that want to be a part of this community and want to do something, they know that there’s more that they can do and what we need from the City Council is: what can we do to support these kids?” says Hunigan.

Making a new Community Center in Galesburg a priority was a focus of those who addressed the City Council, this week.

Upon hearing the requests, Mayor John Pritchard expressed an interest in participating in the March Peacekeeper’s meeting.

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