Community Meals Expand to Knoxville Starting Today

The Knox-Prairie Community Kitchen is officially doing something tonight they had hoped to do since they formed.The kitchen will be hosting its first community dinner in Knoxville tonight at the Knoxville United Methodist Church. This marks the first expansion of meals since the twice-a-month schedule began for free community meals in Galesburg.
The kitchen’s Katie Mansfield tells the WGIL Evening News if tonight’s meal goes well, it will be a more regular occurrence.

“This is actually kind of a feeler, we want to engage the community as much as possible, so we’re just kinda putting out a feeler.  Mayor Johnson had gotten in touch with Jim and said, when are you guys coming to Knoxville, when do you want to come down here.  So this is just kinda a trial. We’re gonna see what kinda response we’re gonna get from this area, who’s gonna be receptive. Whether the community will be all in on it like we’ve had here in Galesburg.”

Mansfield referred to Mayor Bob Johnson and former Alderman Jim Eastwood, who volunteers with the Knox-Prairie Community Kitchen.
Tonight’s Knoxville meal features spaghetti, salad, garlic bread, and blueberry cobbler and is open to the public. The meal will be served from 5:30 to 7pm.

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