Residents Look for Answers to Cooke School Closure

The Galesburg Chapter of the NAACP held a round-table Saturday to compile question from parents and guardians regarding Cooke’s closing. Residents asked questions regarding transportation, bus stops and how the move will ultimately effect students’ socialization process.
President of the Galesburg Chapter of the NAACP Candy Webb encouraged parents to attend Monday night’s school board meeting to present their concerns.
Galesburg resident Diane Pacheco’s granddaughter attends Cooke and she tells WGIL nothing the district can do short or reopening Cooke will make the situation right.

“They done it wrong, they [expletive] on those people out there and they’re gonna continue to [expletive] on them.” They might as well put up a fence and turn the lights out on that side of town.”

Pacheco wasn’t the only resident who felt the District targeted the South side.
Several other residents spoke up accusing the district of spending the last 8 years planning to close Cooke Elementary and the school board was just waiting to make their move.


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