Galesburg City Engineer Gives Insight into Pothole Repair

Finding potholes on the road is not uncommon, especially after winter.

This year, however, there seems to be more potholes than ever and some of them seem rather large.

The area of West Main street near Yemm Ford, may arguably be the worst spot in town when it comes to potholes.

But, Galesburg City Engineer Wayne Carl tells the WGIL Morning News Galesburg does not have the right to go and fix the problem.

“There are jurisdictions there and as much as sometimes we’d want to go in and patch some of these holes, because we keep getting complaints, we can’t legally go onto their section that they’re responsible to maintain so it’s kind of hard to tell people,” says Carl.

Carl says work to fill potholes requires a lot of labor, but says as long as that works being done during their hour of operations, it’s not a huge hit on the budget.

He’d also like to remind people when they see work being done, slow down and move over.

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