Candidate for State Treasurer Comes to Galesburg

3-10-14 Mike FrerichsOne of three people looking to be the next Illinois State Treasurer is the first to make a campaign stop in Galesburg.Democrat and State Senator Mike Frerichs spoke to fellow Democrats at a get-together in downtown Galesburg yesterday afternoon. Frerichs currently represents the Champaign area in the Illinois Senate, and tells WGIL he’s looking to the higher state office because of his background outside of Springfield.

“I’m a certified public finance officer, I think the things we can do in this office to make the Treasurers officer more accountable and transparent, I think we can make some wise investments to help promote job growth and development here in the state.”

Frerichs says while he’s understanding that one of the primary duties of the state Treasurer is to invest the state’s money, he thinks the better way to do that is through helping businesses and improving infrastructure.  He tells WGIL on the issue of transparency, there’s one thing he wants to do right away.

“I think what we need to do is come in on day one and have an audit of the office, make sure that we’re running efficiently spending tax payers dollars well.”

Frerichs is unopposed in next Tuesday’s primary.  He will face either former House Republican Leader Tom Cross, or DuPage County Auditor Bob Grogan in November.

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