District 205 Prepares to Research Grade Centers

205logobwThe Galesburg School Board says it’s planning to research the idea of grade centers.

During last night’s District 205 Board of Education meeting, a discussion was had about a new system for educating students.

Former Interim Superintendent Peter Flynn, who filled in during Superintendent Bart Arthur’s absence, presented the idea.

Board President Tom Colclasure said that, given a lack of general state aid and flat revenues, the district needs to think outside the box.

He says it suits the community better if all of the students start in the same place.

“If all of our kids go from pre-school through second grade all together from all parts of town in the same building,” Coclasure said.  “That way when they’re 12 or 14, they don’t get to know each other as ‘hey we’re the Cooke kids,’ ‘hey we’re the Gale kids.’   Well, you’re the Galesburg kids, and you were the Galesburg kids from day one together when you started school.”

Prior to last night’s discussion, the District 205 Administration said repeatedly they were not recommending grade centers in town.

The State of Illinois is proposing to cut another 1.2-billion dollars from education in their upcoming budget year.

Flynn made the recommendation that should the district be interested in proceeding, to take their time researching the idea.

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