Liquor Commission Moves Forward With Reduction of Liquor License Classes

Businesses and other establishments in Galesburg can apply for 16 different Liquor License classifications.

But the Galesburg Liquor Advisory Commission decided 16 classifications is too many. During Monday’s meeting, the classifications were whittled down to 11.

Galesburg Deputy City Clerk Ericka Gillenwater presented commissioners with an outline of the new classifications that combines some of the classifications together.

Commissioners didn’t think any of the fee increases included in the update were too outrageous, but Commissioner Dave Rasmussen had one concern.

“None of them are except the F and the H, 700-dollars seems like a jump for the Orpheum and Knox College,” says Rasmussen.

Currently the Orpheum and Knox College hold a class H liquor license.

If the commission removed the Class H licenses and moved Knox and the Orpheum to a Class F license it would require an annual fee if $2,100 a year.

Commissions agreed a$700 increase was too much and opted to keep both separate.

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