Courthouse Radon Problem Nearly Solved

Knox County SealThe level of radon present in the Knox County Courthouse has been reduced significantly.

The Knox County Building Committee found out in June of last year that radon levels could be seen as relatively high.

A closet in the courthouse tested with a high level of 62 (picocuries), but a new HVAC system in the Knox County Courthouse appears to be working.

The County contracted MSI to test the air quality recently and found radon levels had been reduced to 2.6.

Knox County Owner’s Representative Donnie Gladfelter says the tests could not have come back much better.

“After the HVAC system — the controls have been brought up to speed and it’s been running for 30 days with the air transfers, then they’ll do another test, and we’ll get a full-blown written report on it,” Gladfelter said.  “But, all indicators are that it’s better than we could have expected, really.”

Radon is a gas that has been linked to certain types of cancer.

Several County employees, last year, attended Knox County Board meetings pleading with the Board to find a solution to the problem.

The Courthouse started up the last HVAC quadrant last week and are preparing the ventilation system, meaning radon levels could be reduced further.

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