Monmouth-Roseville School District Talks Reducing Involvement with Special Education Co-Op

It was purely discussion – a way for the Monmouth-Roseville Board of Education to understand how limiting their participation with the Knox-Warren Special Education Cooperative would affect the district.

Monmouth-Roseville is, according to Superintendent Ed Fletcher, entertaining an idea that may allow the district to save money.

Fletcher tells WGIL a decision to decentralize from the co-op would also give the opportunity to hire their own special education staff.

“Hire some staff such as cross-categorical teachers or aids that would be in special education classrooms,” says Fletcher.

Fletcher says having the ability to hire their own special education staff would mean that a teacher’s salary would be based on Monmouth-Roseville’s pay scale.

Fletcher says, because the Knox-Warren Special Education District is located in Galesburg, they’re required to base a teacher’s salary on District 205’s pay scale.

The difference between the two, according to Fletcher, could be thousands of dollars.

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