State Expecting Nursing Home Fixes

The Knox County Nursing Home will need some repair work after a recent inspection by the Illinois Department of Public Health.

The Nursing Home has a metal pan ceiling with pieces that snap into place. Because it had rust in one area of the kitchen ceiling, IDPH advised the Nursing Home it needed to be fixed prior to their next inspection.

The County has the option of only repairing the rusted area, but Knox County Owner’s Representative Donnie Gladfelter says the entire kitchen ceiling really needs to be replaced.

“The rest of that ceiling is just as old, and almost as bad a shape as what [IDPH] wrote up,” Gladfelter said.  “Who’s to say that they’re not going to say we need to take the whole thing out.  So then, we’ve invested that money, and taken care of that patch in that one little bit of area, and still end up having to take it all out anyway.”

The County does not know when the Department of Public Health will be coming back for the next inspection.  Metzger Johnson Architects will be contacted to prepare designs for the ceiling’s replacement.  Gladfelter collected pricing quotes and said $3,000 to $4,000 is the current estimate.

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