Running Store Sold and Adding Bikes

Go Outside and PlayA business that’s been in Galesburg the last four years is being sold, and essentially merging with another new business that’s about to open up.Nick and Tracy Pigg — owners of Go Outside and Play Running Company — say they’ve sold the Seminary Street business as of May first.
The new owner will be Drew Kleine, who will offer running gear along with cycling equipment and supplies in a new location — the Weaver Main Street Center.
In a press release, the new business will be called “Ride and Run” — and will open up July first.
The Pigg family says they’ve sold in order to be closer to family in the Kansas City area, and that they’re happy to be able to sell the business to someone who wants to continue to take care of their customers.
Go Outside and Play will operate on Seminary Street until the new “Ride and Run” store opens up.
The running company was named one of the 50 best running stores in the country last year.

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