Tax Abatement Approved for New Warren County Business — May or May Not Be Farmland Foods Expansion

The Warren County Board approved a 10-year property tax levy abatement during a special meeting last night.

The abatement was being considered by each of the taxing bodies in the area that will hopefully attract 200 value added jobs through an industrial facility.

Tentative approval was given during a meeting in January where Warren County State’s Attorney “Chip” Algren stated at the time the interested company was Farmland Foods.

Multiple Warren County Board members, however, are now saying they are unable to confirm the identity of the company – with multiple board members saying they do not believe the company is indeed Farmland.

Warren County Board Chair Bill Reichow tells WGIL that jobs for any community is a good thing.

“We’re very happy that can be a possibility in the future here in Warren County, here in Monmouth,” Reichow said.  “So, that’s why it comes to the board — our board.  Obviously, there are very few people that would be opposed to making available 100-plus jobs anywhere.”

The initial proposal, according to a letter from the City of Monmouth, suggested a 250,000 square foot industrial facility will be built with another expansion in Phase Two of the project to 400,000 square feet.

Sources with knowledge of the situation in the City of Monmouth are also telling WGIL that the interested company is not Farmland Foods.

The abatement would only apply to new development at the site. According to a letter from Monmouth Mayor Rod Davies, the interested company is in the final stages of its decision making process between Monmouth and another area.

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