District 276 Talks Proposed State Aid Cuts And Minimum Wage Raise

Talk of raising the state minimum wage from it’s current rate of $8.25 to around $10 an hour has the Abingdon-Avon board of education on high alert.

The board talked about how the increase would ultimately affect their budget this week.

Board President Sherry Lomax says when you take into account a rise in the minimum wage, coupled with a decrease in general state aid, it puts the district in a tight spot.

Lomax tells WGIL the bottom line is the district could be forced to reduce faculty size.

“One of the things is, we’ve got some people retiring and it’s possible we might not fill positions,” says Lomax. “That’s just one of the things we have to look at and cut back on spending as much as we can.”

Lomax says the board is looking at the option of abating taxes.

She says at this time, the district really doesn’t have any major projects in the works so they’re able to keep a close eye on their finances.

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