Health Department Approves Bill Despite Insurance Concerns

The Knox County Health Department will be seeking additional answers on the liability coverage for their Board of Directors.

Last night, the Board of Health approved a payment to their insurance company – which is designed to provide the Federally Qualified Health Center Board insurance coverage.

An increased cost, however, is allowing the board to consider their options – though time will be required.

The Health Department says there is evidence the Board may be covered through other means and may not need additional coverage.

Administrator Heidi Britton says the Health Department started to dig deeper for answers.

“I don’t know why it’s increased, because I can’t tie it to our assets, I can’t tie it to – there’s been no claims filed that have happened – ever,” says Britton.

Conversations with advisors at Knox County led the Health Department to simply pay the bill for the time being.

Britton says she believes the insurance company came out with a new product, leading to a price increase for the Health Department – which they say took some due diligence to extract.

The Health Department now plans to have meetings to help explain the insurance options.

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