Youth Commission Reviews Youth Crime Statistics

The Galesburg Youth Commission has been working to compile a list of programs and organizations that offer programs for youth.

Commissioners would agree the City of Galesburg lacks youth related programs, but in order to better understand the needs of city youth, the commission wanted to hear about the youth crime statistics.

Youth Commission Chair Sue Cunningham says commissioners looked over the statistics from the 20-12 youth survey, and tells WGIL youth crime isn’t on the rise, but other factors are.

“We’re about average with other cities of the same size that are dealing with similar issues,” Cunningham said.  “What is up for us is weapons and drugs and bullying.  That’s something that we need to take a look at.  Do they have more access to weapons, or are they more fearless with them?”

Cunningham says the survey also showed a rise among tenth graders who feel sad or hopeless. She says Galesburg is above the state average when it comes to students who feel lost.

Cunningham says commissioners are focusing on how to get kids into youth programs.

She says they’re working to have a list of available youth related programs on the City and Visitor Center websites.

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