Voters Being Asked to Approve Sales Tax Increase

voteAs the polls open tomorrow and voters around Knox County head out to cast their vote, they’ll see more than just names on their ballot.

Tuesday, voters are being asked to pass a referendum to increase the County’s sales tax rate by a quarter.

Knox County Sheriff David Clague says the money raised will go to support crime prevention, retention and public safety.

Clague tells the WGIL Morning News, the Knox County 911 dispatch center provides residents with a multitude of public safety services, but it takes funding in order to keep the center running.

“Right now what they have is 24 hour service for Galesburg dispatch and Knox County dispatch, of which there’s a spinoff to that which is: you have ambulances and other police agencies within Knox County,” says Clague.

Clague says if the sales tax referendum is passed, it will mean for every one $100 spent, in total, 50-cents will go to the public safety tax.

Clague says so many people have been taught to call 911 in an emergency, it would be a major shock to no longer have that service available when needed.

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