Dismantling of GREDA Could Have Negative Effect on Other Cities

A recommendation to the Galesburg City Council regarding the Galesburg Regional Economic Development Association could cause a ripple effect throughout Knox County.

An economic development task force recommended Galesburg alderman to dissolve GREDA. That would mean places like Knoxville could lose their partnership with the association.

Knoxville first ward Alderman Jim McGovern tells WGIL if the Galesburg City Council decides to take away the regional aspect of GREDA, Knoxville will lose access to economic development services.

“Quite honestly if GREDA goes away there would be nobody to provide those services.  Unless, the city of Galesburg is willing to provide those services for the city of Knoxville.  I don’t know if that is going to happen.  I don’t feel confident that would happen.  That’s my concern about the restructuring of GREDA.”

McGovern says it’s because of GREDA that the City of Knoxville was able to secure a deal with Peterson Healthcare.

If GREDA is dissolved, McGovern says it means the City of Knoxville would have to create an in house economic development team–something McGovern says aldermen don’t necessarily have time for.

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