Galesburg City Council Ready To Put Goals Into Action

A report which aims to better define the City of Galesburg’s goals in future years was approved by the City Council last night.

Discussion on the City’s goals took place over several meetings last summer where a representative of the Mercer Group analyzed the meetings.

Aldermen last night, however, were most interested in future Council work sessions to continue efforts on both their City and budget goals. City Manager Todd Thompson says the report includes the recommendations made last year, but more focus is needed.

“It’ll serve as the basis for the planning of our work and our budget, we anticipate having a work session in April and the real focus of it would be to whittle this down, it’s an 80-page report to begin to sort of prioritize so we can begin to move forward,” says Thompson.

Among the goals is making Galesburg a high quality place to do business and increasing the city’s population to 40-thousand residents. Seventh Ward Alderman Jeremy Karlin says programs and costs have to be prioritized.

“I’m relatively familiar what we do as a City and I find it difficult to know how much it costs to offer a particular program,” says Karlin.

The City Council also expressed interest in implementing the report goals into a budgeting style recommended last year. Thompson says the City can budget based on its goals or determine what the City wants to do based on priority programs.

The report was approved unanimously.

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