Nursing Home Looks To Replace Ceiling

The Knox County Nursing home had a visit from the Illinois Department of Public Heath and they were cited for having a faulty kitchen ceiling.

Now a recommendation has been made by the Knox County Landfill and Nursing home committee to move forward with a total ceiling repair.

The nursing home had the option to replace a portion of the ceiling that IDPH found to be faulty, or they could replace the entire ceiling.

Knox County Owners Representative Donnie Gladfelter told committee members, it would be smarter to replace the entire ceiling and avoid just putting a band aid on the problem.

“That area was two to three-hundred square feet and it would’ve just been a patch and the rest of the ceiling is close to being in the same shape as that, not quite as bad,” says Gladfelter.

Gladfelter says the lighting fixtures as well as the sprinklers need to be replaced.

Committee members were curious of the projected cost, but Gladfelter was unable to provide specific numbers saying it would be somewhere around 30-thousand dollars or more.

The board approved the recommendation to have Klingner and Associates write up specs for the project so it can be put out for bid.

That recommendation now goes to the full board.

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