County Reconsiders Sales Tax Referendum for November

Knox County SealVoters may have voted against a public safety sales tax that would operate and upgrade 911 services in Knox County.  The financial picture, however, has not changed. During last night’s Knox County Finance Committee meeting, members discussed the possibility of trying the tax again during November’s General Election.

As initially proposed, the sales tax would have raised the County’s portion of the sales tax by a quarter-percent.

Responsibility for promoting the referendum was a point of contention for the County’s Finance Committee last night.

Speaking to the Finance Committee, Knox County Sheriff David Clague says he is tired of people beating around the bush.

“It is not my say [whether a tax referendum goes on the ballot],” Clague said.  “I was assured that the County Board would step to the plate, and do the advertising for [the referendum].  And, three weeks out, lo and behold, nobody had.  Not a soul of you had come forward.”

Certain Board members suggested that perhaps the referendum’s placement on the ballot was partially responsible for the result.

A payment for public safety and 911 services has been made, but the County is currently lacking answers for how to continue their payments.

Upgrades to the 911 system were anticipated to cost a minimum of $500,000.


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