Galesburg Woman to go to Federal Prison for Money Laundering

gavelA Galesburg woman will serve 18 months in federal prison, but not yet, after pleading guilty to a charge of Money Laundering.

Officials with U.S. District Court in Peoria say a judge sentenced 45-year-old Sandra Genisio yesterday to 18 months in prison starting May 27th. Until that time, she remains free on bond.

Genisio, also known as Sandra Hagemann, was arrested about a year ago. Federal prosecutors initially charged her with Wire Fraud and Money Laundering. Prosecutors say Genisio sold annuity and life insurance policies to an 87-year-old client of a firm she worked for in Peoria, using a false birth date in order to avoid signature requirements.  Genisio then went to work for another firm, transferring $25,000 in funds with her, including a $17,000 commission.

Court documents indicate that a number of people wrote letters in favor of Genisio, including her mother. Eighteen months was the maximum Genisio could be sentenced to under the charge she pleaded guilty to, while defense attorney Jeremy Karlin asked for probation and home confinement.

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