Candidates For 17th District Congressional Seat Talk Ideas

Bobby Schilling17th District Congresswoman Cheri Busots and former 17th District Congressman Bobby Schilling are set for a rematch.

During last week’s primary election, Schilling secured the Republican nomination for the 17th district seat and is set to take on Bustos this November.

Both candidates say they’d like to see the middle class rebound, but they disagree on how to go about doing so.

Schilling tells the WGIL Morning News, it’s all about the message and the message Bustos is sending isn’t talking about what’s important.

“Rather than talking about the debt, and the economy, and Obamacare, they’re going to talk about the war on women, they’re going to talk about things that have nothing to do with the destruction they’ve done in the state over the last 10 to 15 years,” says Schillling.

When asked if he was suggesting things like wage disparity weren’t important, Schilling says, they are, but Bustos’ statistics for the region are wrong.

“Ms. Bustos [sic] just came out recently talking about pay inequality, the numbers she was using 70-percent, the numbers are actually something like 93-percent,” says Schilling.

Bustos says her people have put together an economic report that found woman in this region make less than 70 cents on the dollar for the exact same work their male counter parts do.

She says there’s no reason any woman who does the same work as a man should be paid any differently.

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