Peacekeepers Get the Ball Rolling

A meeting of the Peacekeepers last night proved to be fruitful for the group.

After a few presentations from the Knox County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition and the Mary Davis Home, the group switched gears and formed committees.

Three committees were formed, communications, fundraising and activities–and Peacekeeper Anthony Law was the first person to stand up and volunteer to head a committee.

Law tells WGIL he was worried if no one stood up and started getting things moving the kids involved in the group would lose interest.

“These kids came to us.  They’ve been at every meeting.  They’ve voiced their opinion[s],” Law said.  “They’re looking at us now, ‘okay, what are you going to do with this information?’  And I looked around, and I said ‘you know what?  Now’s the time.  Somebody’s got to take the point.  I’m willing to do that.  I’m committed to what we’re doing.  I just felt I need to stand up and make sure that’s known to the kids.”

Law says his committee is working on getting the list of activities ready to give to the communications committee.

He said with that information the communication committee can use Facebook and Twitter as tools to get the message out.

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