School District Maintenance Staff Wants to Stay As Is

What the Galesburg School Board’s Building Committee saw once as abysmal, the District-205 Maintenance Staff sees, in a way, as not so bad.

Interim Maintenance Directors Mark Reed and Jim Richards told the Building Committee yesterday they would prefer the maintenance center at Hawthorne Center not be abandoned in favor of any other location. They say the virtual dump of sorts the committee saw can be improved by the maintenance staff.

Reed, though, says maintenance staff can fix up the building they’ve been in for nearly 30 years, but there’s a catch.

“What happens is, I’ll get called because a room is cold, or I got a leaky faucet, or whatever,” Reed said.  “That pulls me away, and then it leaves Jim and one other guy.  That’s what we’re talking about — having a timeframe where we’re able to actually do the work.  That building is very suitable for what Jim does, it’s very suitable for what I do, as far as a storage area, as far as a work area.”

Reed described the facility as, quote, “like an old shoe” that fits the maintenance staff nicely.

The district says in just the last two weeks alone, maintenance staff has cleaned up the facility and already made some improvements.

Officials say they do not anticipate being able to get money to move to a new site.

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