Technology Packages Awarded To County And Knoxville Elementary School

It’s not easy finding the money for new technologies, especially with tight budgets.

But thanks to a contest through CDW-G two Knox County entities are using brand new technologies to advance their work.

At the start of Wednesday night’s Knox County Board meeting, both the County and Mable Woolsey Elementary school were recognized for winning individual technology packages.

Mable Woolsey third grade teacher Lindsey Peterson tells WGIL the use of tablets and other software has helped improve the learning environment in her classroom.

“It’s motivated more of them,” says Peterson. “Some that, you know, don’t care to pay attention are now paying attention and they’re more motivated to learn because they have a lot of choice over what they’re doing now because it’s easier to put one on one thing and have one on the other so it’s easier to give everybody what they need.”

Peterson and the County were awarded tablets, smart boards, voting response systems and other items to help advance the County and Mable Woolsey.

The chance of two entities in one counting winning both contest is 3.8-million to one.

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