Man Arrested After Vehicle Chase, Crash

IL-GalesburgPDGalesburg Police attempted to pull a vehicle over for having a headlight out at around midnight on Friday.
Officers attempted to initiate a traffic stop in the 1200  block of Grand Avenue, but the vehicle allegedly did not pull-over.According to the police report, the vehicle was travelling at speeds well in excess of the speed limit as they attempted to keep up.
During the chase, the car attempted to make a turn at 60 miles-per-hour, but found itself crashing into a light pole at the corner of East Main and Seminary Streets.
The responding officer pulled his duty weapon and ordered the subject, identified as 26 year old Duane Dudley to the ground.
As additional personnel were arriving on scene, passengers in the vehicle were given medical attention.
Dudley was secured into a squad car when he allegedly told police that the only reason he ran was because he had “a little bit of weed in the car.”
Officers allegedly located several clear plastic bags in the car and on Dudley’s person in addition to an open bottle of alcohol.
16 grams of cannabis in total was located. Dudley is facing charges of aggravated fleeing, disobeying a traffic device, illegal transportation of liquor, possession of cannabis, and possession with intent to deliver.

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