Prairie Players Offer Theatre Fans a Chance to Act–No Audition Required

The Prairie Players are ushering in Spring in their own unique way–with the reading of a play.
Theatre enthusiast took part in a “Readers Theatres” event asking participants to take on a character and play the part. Actors read the play “Blather, Barney and Balderdash” a story made up of Irish folk tales.
Organizer Steve Selwa says he’s been trying to come up with fun programs and ideas for the players but he’d run into issues along the way.
He tells WGIL he thinks a chance in the season maybe what he’s looking for.

“One of my projects I’m trying to get started for Prairie Players.  I’d tried hosting a few events before in like the winter and late fall, but didn’t quite get a turn out for those for whatever reasons, call it the weather call it whatever people just not wanting to come out.”

Selwa says if people really enjoy readers theatre he may decided to do it again maybe once a month.
He says he’ll probably run that by participants to gauge their interest.

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