Getting Ready For The Start Of Baseball Season

Spring has sprung and just in time for the start of baseball season.

But as fans of major league, minor league, and youth baseball fill the stands around the country they may be wondering: how’s the field?

Around the Galesburg area, several softball and baseball games have been cancelled due to wet field conditions.

Zach Ricketts, head groundskeeper for the Beloit Snappers says the snow and deep frost has made preparing the field difficult.

Ricketts tells the WGIL Morning News that unlike the major league stadiums, they don’t have heaters under the field.

“You have to get creative with tractors and snow-blowers and backpack blowers and really anything at your disposal there and try to find a way to clear the snow off first and then to kind of melt it and then get it out of the ground so it’s really a process,” says Ricketts.

Ricketts, who studied at Knox College, also worked with the baseball team as a groundskeeper.

He says he finds himself using the skills learned at Knox and uses them as the Snapper’s head groundskeeper.

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