More Work to be Done to Improve High School Pool

Galesburg Silver StreaksThe swimming pool operated by the Galesburg School District is going to need some more work done to it than initially thought.

District-205 Assistant Superintendent David Black told the District-205 Building Committee recently that in addition to work that will be done to improve the heating and air conditioning at Wicall Gym’s Mustain Pool, a lot of painting now needs to be done as well.

Black says that’s because keeping the pool area warm while the heating was out led to another problem.

“We had to leave the pool filled, and we had to leave the pool at temperature or close, to try and keep the room from freezing up, because it was still very cold outside,” Black said.  “What that did was turn it into a sweat lodge.  The walls had so much water running off of them…you could hear the water running to the drains.  Where there was just a little bit of rust on the one wall, it’s now everywhere.”

The work to upgrade the heating and air conditioning at Mustain Pool is expected to cost around $250,000 and is budgeted for, with the painting costing around another $20,000.

Black says pool work has been done sort-of piecemeal in the past, but now the district will “fix it correctly.”

Bids on the HVAC work will be opened in mid-April.

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