Galesburg Dog Park Becoming a Reality

Dog ParkIf you drive past Inbinder Park on Carl Sandburg Drive, you’re going to notice some new fencing.

That’s because after two years of planning and fundraising, Project Dog Park is becoming a reality.

Right now the fencing for the small dog section of the park is going up and the rest of the fencing according to Project Dog Park’s Melissa Powell should follow.

Powell tells the WGIL Morning News they designed the park to best accommodate a number of different dogs.

“Ours is structured that we have a small dog area for small dogs as well as senior citizen dogs can go in there of any size,” says Powell. “And we have two areas for large dogs. that’s what I feel is the best through my experience and my research.”

Powell says they wanted to make sure the smaller dogs didn’t get trampled on while other larger dogs are running.

She says the park will have a soft opening to test the waters in mid May with the grand opening in mid June.

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