Resources Available for Child Abuse Prevention

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and several area organizations are hoping to bring awareness to the community.

Safe Harbor Family Crisis Center and the Blue Ribbon Task Force will be holding their annual “Hands Around the Courthouse” event later this month.

The event attracts many elected leaders and hopes to give people the opportunity to take a stance against child abuse of all forms.

Child abuse rates have gone up considerably in Knox County over the last couple of years according to those groups.

Julie, a Safe Harbor Family Crisis Center official, tells the WGIL Morning News that there are many things that can be done to redirect frustration with a child into something positive.

“If there’s something fun you can do — even with your child to let some of that frustration out — put some music on and start dancing,” Julie said.  “It’s not only a good way to let some frustration out and get that angry energy out, but it’s also a bonding thing that you can do with your child, and it’s also active.”

At this year’s “Hands Around the Courthouse” event, a law enforcement detective will speak about his experience investigating child abuse cases.

The Knox County Board recently proclaimed April “Child Abuse Prevention” month.

Representatives of Safe Harbor are encouraging adults to find outlets for their daily frustrations.

Nonetheless, a hotline and classes are available for victims of abuse in the local area.