Lacking Restoration May Stall Preservation Awards

Peter and Melissa Kehoe, residents of 789 North Broad St., were awarded a Galesburg Landmark Commission Paver Award by then-Mayor Sal Garza in this 2012 File Photo.

The Galesburg Landmark Commission is having problems finding suitable houses for their annual preservation awards ceremony.

The group, along with national programs, attempts to recognize efforts relating to restoration.

Typically the Landmark Commission is able to give an award to between two and three homes, but are struggling to find nominees this year.

The group discussed the possibility of having the recipient declare their acceptance of the award after a previous year’s recipient was cited for an improper fence on their property.
Landmark Commission Chair Paul Stewart tells WGIL there’s very few criteria.

“We look for those homeowners that have done a significant amount of preservation on their homes,” Stewart said.

The awards ceremony has not been cancelled in recent memory, but Stewart says they may have to try again next year.

Landmark Commission members are still hoping to find candidates, but say they may push the ceremony back a month to accommodate suggestions given to the City.

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