One Year Makes Little Change For Public Health In Knox County

New data released by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation suggests that Knox County is still behind its neighbors.

The report is released annually and has become a tool for local health organizations to track their health outcomes. The organization and the University of Wisconsin analyzes tobacco use, exercise, access to care, and education levels in the local area to help determine life expectancy.

This year, Knox County came in with a ranking of 72 out of 102 Illinois counties – significantly lower than several neighboring counties.

Director of Wellness and Health Promotion at the Knox County Health Department Erin Olson was unavailable for comment.

Warren and McDonough County are showcasing higher rankings in the state with a ranking of 37th and 11th, respectively. The ranking is slightly improved from last year’s ranking of 74 out of 102 counties.

The Health Department, according to a press release, maintains that the rankings show how much of what affects health happens outside the doctor’s office.

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