Teens Get Crucial Job Info At Workshop Tomorrow

Teenagers in Galesburg are getting some important skills to ready them for an early entry into the workforce.

The Galesburg Youth Commission and Knox County Teen Court are sponsoring a “Teen Job Readiness Fair” at the Galesburg Public Library tomorrow from noon to four.

Youth Commission Chair Sue Cunningham tells the WGIL Morning News the idea for the fair came about from a child of hers who once attended something similar.

“I always thought it was a great way to get the kids ready for their first job,” says Cunningham. “We can always tell them as parents, but coming from different sources with different ideas and that, it just has a little more weight to it.”

And Cunningham says that “little more weight” will come from area employers like the City, Hy-Vee , and others, including the Workforce Investment Office.

The Teen Job Readiness Fair is free, but those looking to attend are being asked to register through the Knox County Teen Court Facebook page.

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